Belle Skincare

“The Belle brand was born in 2017 and went to market in 2018.

Owner and founder, Quinton le Grange developed a cream for his wife who suffers from severe sensitive skin. This was achieved with his background in chemistry, armed with the knowledge of botanical extracts, natural preservative systems and organic ingredients.

Real results meant great success and from then Belle have helped many people with their skin transformations. Developed out of love for real people and from there our slogan took shape:

The focus for Belle is healing and nourishment of skin. We only source the highest quality natural & organic ingredients and it is of upmost importance that every ingredient is of benefit to the skin. This is why you would not find water in our ingredient list but instead ingredients e.g. Rose Hydrosol, Chamomile Tee, Coconut Water, Rice bran water etc. to maximize benefits.

Belle also strives to be assessable to all, regardless of socio-demographics. We want everyday people on everyday budgets to have access to premium natural skincare. Belle skincare handcrafts our products in small batches to maintain the freshness and effectiveness of all the ingredients.

Belle will also be launching our men’s range Beau and for our little unicorns our SUSSI range.”

Platinum Brand Ambassador – Helen-Ann Roux

“ Ever since I can remember fashion has been part of my dream life, a girl dressing up and trying out new trands to find herself and her style. The best part for me, even today, is to look at a garment and to visualize how I can make it work with the items I already own.

As and Image Consultant, living my dream, it is a joy and privilege to help other woman and even men find their style, so that they feel good every day. The most important lesson I’ve learned in life is that you must feel beautiful inside to look and feel great on the outside.

The best advice I live by and can give anyone is captured in the words of Genevieve Rhode: “No matter how you feel: Get up, dress up and show uo.””

Make Specialist / Skin Specialist – Tania Lloyd

“I love to bring out the beautiful in every woman. It brings me so much joy to see woman full of confidence and loving themselves when I am done with their make-up and hair.

We must start loving ourselves first before we can love the people around us. Beauty comes within but sometimes we have to start by doing so on the outside first to feel that on the inside.”